Computer Using Educators and Professional Learning Communities

UPDATE: I am posting this the morning after writing it. Blogger was down last night… and Google News (my browser homepage) and Google! Did anyone else experience this phenomenon? It was downright weird. I’m not sure if this is exactly what is under Dave Winer’s skin, but perhaps we have come to depend on Google too much. Anyway, my post, which is itself just an update…

Today I was in Palm Springs for the conference planning committee meeting… preparing for the Computer Using Educators conference in March, something I highly recommend to all California educators! This year the OCDE Educational Technology unit will be running a room (with a mobile iBook lab) throughout the conference, hosting CUE workshops, and providing some exclusive OCDE content.

Tomorrow and Friday I will attend a Professional Learning Community training with the DeFours, finishing my 7 (working) days out of the office, which will make next week a busy one, too… but I suppose that never changes.

Regardless, I have notes on nine more sessions at the Serious Games Summit, though, and will be blogging that before moving on with my research this weekend. I think the re-processing will be useful for my coming project, which explores social constructivist principles of societal development. The comments on my keynote post are a powerful motivator, too! Thank you for those.

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