CLMS Literacy & Learning Summer Institute

These sessions are offered as a part of the 2008 CLMS Literacy & Learning Summer Institute. Following is an overview of the series and descriptions of each session, including a link to the wiki for each session. The workshop wikis include slides, any handouts, an outline of the session, and links to all websites mentioned during the session.

Overview: Literacy and New Learning Networks

Presented by Mark Wagner, Ph.D.

Literacy has been redefined in the digital age, but digital literacy skills are still not being taught in many schools. Learn how you can use powerful, free online tools to help your students become part of a global learning network and thrive in the 21st century. These sessions provide an overview of new research and even newer practices.

Session 1 – Two-Way Teaching: How The Two-Way Web Changes Education

Anyone can create and share media online! This opens up powerful new opportunities for learning, but requires new literacies of students and their teachers. This session offers an overview of the two-way web, including a walk-through of specific tools such as blogs, wikis, podcasts, and much more. Participants will learn how they can integrate these technologies into their teaching – and how their students can publish for an online audience as well.

Two Way Teaching Workshop Wiki

Session 2 – Learning to Network and Networking to Learn: Beyond the Tools…

There’s always new web tools, but it’s more important to become part of an online learning network than to master any specific tool. The purpose of this session is to help participants develop the new literacy of joining and growing an online learning network. To that end, the session aims to establish the importance of learning within a social network (based on social constructivist theory) and to help participants see beyond specific tools to discover ways they can build their online learning network over time.

Network to Learn Workshop Wiki

Session 3 – Search, Learn, Share: Google Tools for Educators

Being able to find and use information online is a critical new literacy. Google provides much more than just a web search engine; they offer a wide variety of free web-based and desktop applications. This session introduces participants to many of these services that may be useful to teachers and students. It begins with a walk-through of several specialized search tools (such as Google Scholar, Google Books, and Google News) and ends with an overview of web-based applications (such as Google Docs, Google Calendar, and Google Sites) that can revolutionize the way you, your colleagues, and your students collaborate.

Search, Learn, Share Workshop Wiki

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