Chromebook Camp with Google Apps for Education

Sean Williams and I are hosting this event in Los Angeles on March 7 & 8. We’ll be sharing the latest on Chromebooks (hot off the presses at the Google event in Mountain View later this month), the price is accessible, and the location is spectacular (with good food to boot). Here is more information in case you might be interested:

Chromebook Camp with Google Apps for Education
March 7 & 8, 2011 (at City Club in Los Angeles)

Brought you by the EdTechTeam, this unique professional development event for educators offers hands-on experience with Google’s fast intuitive Chromebooks, inspirational ideas for using Google Apps (and Chrome Web Apps) in education, and tips for getting started with advanced topics such as apps scripting or hosting your own instructional channel on YouTube – all in a spectacular setting. Registration is open for the introductory first day, the advanced second day, or both days. Best of all, everything you learn during the workshop can be implemented right away for FREE, with or without Chromebooks.


Naturally, we’d love it if you share this with your colleagues in the area (or who might be interested in traveling to the event for that matter). And, of course, I’d be happy to answer any questions about what we have planned.