Christine Olmstead and Shari Bithell Just Blogging Along

I meant to post this earlier today…

When I finished my volunteer shift, I caught the end of Christine Olmstead and Shari Bithell (of the Brea-Olinda Unified School District in Orange County) presenting on classroom use of blogs (using I got there just before people started leaving at the end, but they had another packed room.

So the question for the day is this… and it’s what I asked in the webcast this morning: There is obviously interest in these technologies at the teacher and tech coordinator level, but what systemic changes need to happen in schools and districts before these tools will find a sustainable place in our educational institutions? We need to sort this out before blogs go the way of LOGO in schools.

PS. I know its a crummy picture… I was in the back of the room with a .3 megapixel camera.