Dissertation Proposal and IRB Documents (DRAFT)

I just realized that I sent Chapter Three off to my advisor almost a week ago and didn’t post it here to the blog. So, with no further ado, here is the monster. It’s 421 pages, but my advisor has already read chapters 1 and 2 and hasn’t cut very much. This draft already includes his chagnes. He’s got chapter 3, which is only about 60 pages, right now. We’ll see how much, though, gets past the rest of the committee… and into the final dissertation.

Massively Multi-Player Online Role Playing Games as Constructivist Learning Environments: A Delphi Study (Proposal) – 1.0 MB Word Doc

I’ve also finished a draft of my initial IRB documents: The consent form, the confidentiality agreement, the data collection documents, and the IRB application:

WagnerIRB.zip – 68 KB, four word docs

Now these documents, though just drafts, are “out there” for anyone else to benefit from in whatever way possible. Like everything else here they are released under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 license.

Also, if anyone can offer any feedback at this point, I always appreciate that. Thanks, as always, for reading – even if it’s just this post. ;)

Dissertation Chapters 1 and 2 (DRAFT)

Here is an abridged version of the email I just sent my committee chair:

Dr. Nolan,

I’ve attached my Chapters 1 and 2. These are incorporated into my working template for the proposal including the references, so this is basically my proposal sans Chapter 3.

As I said at the end of my previous message, I feel fairly good about the quality of this draft now. My main concern is the (potentially obnoxious) length of Chapter 2. When I skim through it, I’m happy each part contributes something meaningful (and is reasonably well assembled), so for now I’m leaving it all in. As I mentioned, there are whole sections I can cut or collapse if necessary. I’ll wait for your initial feedback though.

Incidentally, I expect Chapter 3 to be more reasonable in length – more like Chapter 1 than Chapter 2.

Also, there are some stylistic things I want to change in these first two chapters when it comes to the actual dissertation, but right now I’m in “get it done” mode. I hope there are some things that you might want changed that can wait for the dissertation, too.

In the meantime, let me know right away if you have any immediate concerns. I look forward to your feedback. :)


Because it is almost 1 MB, I’m sending a link to the file instead of an attachment:


PS. If my lengthy and quote heavy style does not demonstrate that I can succinctly synthesize the material, please see my series of blog posts in which I summarized each section “in a nutshell” of about one page in length (Note: These blog posts appear in reverse chronological order): http://edtechlife.com/?s=nutshell

I’m very excited that I was able to reach this milestone (however temporary) before heading out to NECC. I am worried about the length of Chapter 2 (at 232 pages I think), and I don’t expect any of you will want to read it, but as usual, here it is for inspection and posterity… and a safe backup. :)

Organizational Change (LONG)

Back on April 24th (my birthday), I posted a “one page” overview of organizational change (with respect to implementing video games in education). Despite considering cutting this section (and despite Christy’s encouragement to do so), I’ve gone ahead and included this section in the first (very long) draft of my literature review. This wouldn’t have been the case if the content wasn’t so closely related to the final KAM I wrote before starting the dissertation.* I was able to cut and paste (with some editing) about 75% of the KAM into this section, which makes this the longest of any in the lit review so far. I’m sure some of it (or perhaps all of it) will be a casualty of the committee’s first read. In any case, here it is:

Organizational Change (LONG) – 169.5 KB Word Doc
References – 149.5 KB Word Doc

* Incidentally, it turns out as I search my blog archives that I never posted KAM III in it’s entirety, so I’m happy to say that as far as blog readers are concerned this is new content from me… well, as “new” as a quote-heavy literature review can be. ;)

Role Playing (LONG)

Back on April 23rd I posted a “one page” overview of Role Playing games (with respect to video games in education). I was an avid role-player myself (when I used to make the time for it) and I believe that the table-top, paper-and-pencil, dice-based role-playing game can serve as a powerful model for the sort of video game I hope to see in education, particularly when it comes to educational MMORPGs. This section of my lit review may not be as well organized as the others, but I think I have more original thoughts connecting the dots in here… and like the last section, it’s still a manageable length.

Role Playing (LONG) – 39.5 KB Word Doc
References – 149.5 KB Word Doc

Please leave comments if you are interested in these ideas.

Emotion in Games (LONG)

Back on April 20th I posted a “one-page” overview of Designing Games with Emotion For Education. This weekend I finished the fleshed out version. I ended up incorporating some of the storytelling notes I’ve collected into this section. Also, I really tried to limit how much I went on about Freeman’s emotioneering mateial. In the end it’s not a great section – and parts of it may later be moved around (or moved elsewhere entirely), but it’s serviceable and it’s a reasonable length. In any case, here’s the word version of this section, and – as usual – the updated reference list. If you download these, please leave me a comment with your reactions.

Emotion in Games (LONG) – 40k Word File
References – 150k Word File

I can tell the end of the lit review is in sight. I aim to finish a complete draft of it before I leave for NECC on Friday. Wish me luck (and few interruptions… aside from the CUE conference planning committee meeting in Oakland on Wednesday of course).

Inclusive Game Design (LONG)

I finished a draft of another section from my literature review. Here is the fleshed out version of the “Inclusive Game Design” overview I posted back on April 19th. This is once again both longer than I hoped and lacking in sections. As I mentioned before, I am also far from an expert on this subject, on account of being neither a game designer nor a woman (the bulk of the discussion focuses on gender inclusive design). In any case, I believe this is an important topic to be included in any discussion of using video games in education.

Game Design (LONG) – 55.5 KB Word Doc

References – 149.5 KB Word Doc

I’d love to hear your feedback if you check it out this section, so please leave a comment. I’d be particularly interested in hearing back from female readers… and female gamers doubly so.

Game Design For Education (LONG)

This week included a bit more work than I anticipated, but finally I’m back to working on the dissertation here at the tail end of the week. I’ve just completed a draft of the section on game design. Now I’m far from an expert in this area, but I’ve tried to cull from my notes some of the elements of game design that might be relevant to creating educational games. I’m excited to learn more in this are when I’ve finally completed the dissertation process.* In the meantime, I’m sure my second draft will be more well balanced.

So, back on April 18th I posted a “one page” overview of Game Design for Education. Below is the fleshed out version, as a word file. Please leave me your feedback in the comments if you check this out.

Game Design (LONG) – 76 KB Word Doc

References – 133.5 KB Word Doc

*Incidentally, it looks as if it’s going to be tough for me to make the October 18th deadline to graduate in the fall. I might be wrapping up in November and thus graduating at the end of Winter quarter… more like February 2008. :(

Video Games in Education (LONG)

Unlike the other segments I’ve been posting, this section covers the actual application of video games in the classroom, not the underlying learning theory. Back on April 17th I posted a similar one-page overview of Video Games in Education. This is the fleshed out version of that post, complete with examples, citations, and quotes. This long version is also different from the other long segments I’ve been posting because it’s more based on the presentations I’ve been giving than the formal notes I’ve collected. As a result I’ve included what formal citations I can, but much of what I’ve included is simply made up of examples I’ve come across in the last two years. I suspect I will need to return to this section and cite more of the material if possible later on… but I’ll wait and see what my committee thinks first… and what you all think. Here are links to the word doc and the updated version of my references, with a few new websites included:

Video Games in Educaiton (LONG) – 73.5 KB doc

References – 133.5 KB doc

Please let me know what you think in the comments. :)

Social Change (LONG)

Back on April 16th I posted a “one page” overview of social change (with respect to video games in a constructivist learning environment). I’ve now fleshed out that one page to about 10 pages (double spaced) for my dissertation literature review. I’m relatively happy with it except that I found no better way to organize it than by author. There just wasn’t enough overlap in what they each had to say… either that or my brain was just too tired to see it this time through. In any case, here is a link to the document and to the updated reference list:

Social Change LONG – 39.5 KB doc

References – 131 KB doc

If you are interested, please take a look and leave me a comment with your reactions or feedback.

Incidentally, this marks the completion of the core sections of chapter two, my literature review. I have a few more sections planned, but they are sort of ancillary. The remaining sections are on current uses for video games in education (this is based on my recent presentations and I’m not sure how much scholarly source material I’ll be able to include), video game design (conversely I have far too much information for this and will try to keep it short and focused), and organizational change (which is even more removed from the core focus of the dissertation, but which will be required if this is to be implemented in real schools). Hopefully each of these will be a relatively short section like the one I’ve posted today. If so, I should be done within a week.

Then there’s chapters 1 and 3… and tying it all together into a formal proposal. :)

Role of The Teacher (LONG)

Back on April 13th I posted a “one-page” overview of the role of the teacher (with respect to video games in education). Over the weekend I finished fleshing out that portion of my literature review with quotes and citations. I seem to be getting better at outlining down to the level where I need to only compose a paragraph or two from my notes. As a result I think this section both holds together well and provides several bite-sized stand alone passages (which might later re-appear as blog posts). It think it also holds together better than some of the longer sections I wrote earlier. In any case, here is a link for the word doc (and for the references).

21st Century Skills LONG – 58 KB doc

References – 138 KB doc

Double spaced this section is about 16 pages. If you decide to read it (or skim it) I’d love to hear back from you in the comments. :)