Change Windows drive letters

Change Windows drive letters (Via Lifehacker.) Sometimes when users plug a USB drive into a Windows machine, the drive does not appear with a letter on My Computer. This is usually because a backup drive or network drive (even a disconnected one) occupies the letter that the USB drive is used to occupying… such as say, the E: drive. As we’re now giving AB 75 administrators USB drives, this problem has come up a few times and I’ve had to struggle to remember how to change drive letters (I don’t spend that much hands on time with Windows anymore.) Thankfully I’ve always remembered so far, but now I can just look up this post next time I need to. Perhaps it will be useful for some of you as well.

Download of the day: iClip

Download of the day: iClip (Via Lifehacker.) Direct Link:

iClip is a new multiple clipboard/scrapbook software application for Apple Macintosh computers with OS X.

With iClip, you can drag & drop or copy & paste all kinds of information into its “clipping bins”.

I’ve been happily using jumpcut since posting about it here, and it’s made a huge difference as I work on my outlines for my coming papers. I’ll give iClip a try now and post a comparison if there is anything interesting to say.

UPDATE: At $19.95 after only 10 tries, iClip is a no go for me. I’m switching back to Jumpcut.

Google Hires A Physician – For Google Medicine? (Via UBC Google Scholar Blog.) This is exciting. I didn’t know about, the philanthropic arm of the internet giant. There isn’t much there, but I thought it was worth passing on for awareness. They are clearly backing some educational initiatives in India, and it’d be great to see them head down the road of the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation in supporting innovation in US Schools, too.