What Comes Next?

One of the most interesting questions Mike and I were asked during the WOW2 skypecast on Tuesday was something along the lines of “where do we get our inspiration for innovations?” I believe Mike’s answer was (without going back to the recording) something about teachers and those in our field inspiring us. I then took the opposite tack and talked about the inspiration I get from outside the field… often by reading the A-List bloggers like Winer or Scobble, but also from reading folks like Kathy Sierra (who is popular with edubloggers) and Liz Stauss. There’s certainly others in my 632 subscriptions, but a new addition I want to point out is my long-time friend David Brussin. (We’ve known each other since about 6th grade, were in high school drama and AP classes together, and occasionally played table-top role playing games together.)

David has co-founded three successful technology companies, and is working on ideas for his forth. Brainstorming with him about technology, education, and gaming remains an inspiration for me. Happily, he has also started blogging at What Comes Next?

Enjoy the new “perspectives from the line between technology and business.” I hear he has a new post going up later today, and a more in-depth collaboration coming soon.

Download of the Day: WebDesktop (Mac)

Download of the Day: WebDesktop (Mac) (Via Lifehacker.) I’ve been wanting this for a long time… so I’m passing it on incase anyone else might like it.

Mac OS X only: Freeware program WebDesktop brings the functionality of Windows Active Desktop to the Mac… sort of.

WebDesktop places a resizable, overlaid web page on top of your Mac’s desktop wallpaper with the option to vary opacity while active/inactive. You can point WebDesktop to any web page, meaning that you can use it for fun active desktopproductivity tricks. You can set the page to refresh at intervals, so if, for example, you put your favorite productivity blog on your WebDesktop, you can have that bad boy refresh obsessively so you always stay on top of the latest content. WebDesktop is Mac OS X only freeware. — Adam Pash

WebDesktop [via The Apple Blog]

One Terabyte of Storage

We are now a proud one terabyte home. :)

Back when I got my MacBook in June, I picked up a MyBook 500 GB drive soon after. This was more than enough space to back up all seven computers in the house. Since then we’ve stopped using them all except my MacBook, Eva’s iMac, and her iBook from work… and the external drive has since become an extension of my MacBook. However, Eva’s video projects (with her kindergartners) are getting massive, and we just bought a second MyBook 500 GB drive! Counting the hard drives in the machines we’re at about 1.4 terabytes of storage in here. Whoa.

It was also fun that Eva just walked over to the Office Depot and came back with it… and for a great deal, too, especially with the $50 mail in rebate.

Microsoft Shared Computer Toolkit for Windows XP

Microsoft Shared Computer Toolkit for Windows XP. On a phone call with Doug Spindler of Pacific IT Professionals, he mentioned this free tool from Microsoft which might interest educational technology coordinators and IT folks in schools:

Introducing powerful new software tools for shared computers in schools, libraries, Internet cafes, and other public places. The Shared Computer Toolkit helps make it easy to set up, safeguard, and manage reliable shared computers running genuine Windows XP. Read more.

This is like a free version of Deep Freeze.

Windows Vista: Get Ready

Windows Vista: Get Ready

I’m installing Vista on my home PC tonight. (I’ve got Parallels Desktop on my new MacBook, but it reportedly doesn’t support Vista yet.) My report is forthcoming. :)

And look, the Vista beta page has an RSS feed, though the link format is a bit funny… perhaps it is in an Internet Explorer 7 friendly format.

I’m telling myself I need to stay on the bleeding edge in my line of work, but this is also fun.