Adventure On The Way To Atlanta

I arrived at John Wayne Airport this afternoon to find my in laws in the McDonalds… and waiting for the same flight to NECC! Yup. Not only does teaching run in the family, so does a love of educational technology. Not only were they on the same flight, they were in the same row! I switched seats with the friendly guy across the aisle from me so I was sitting with them when 20 minutes into the flight the captain announced we’d be turning around to LAX instead of Atlanta… due to a warning light in the cockpit. Debbie noticed a “white fluid” coming from the right side wing. When we landed (it was rough, though that could’ve been coincidence) we were greeted by the comforting sight of the LAX emergency vehicles you see here flanking us on the runway. Then the captain announced it was a low oil pressure light that forced the landing… later he reportrd we had blown an oil line. The crew seems to think maintenance might be able to fix the problem quickly, but I have my money on this being a long night.

I guess this is the equivalent of having a valet run my car into two others at NECC last year. Sheesh. Hopefully I’lll still be at the edubloggercon tomorrow morning.

UPDATE: A two hour delay was just announced and we’re deplaning.