iPad in Education Workshops

Though I caught some flack for announcing this on Twitter on Wednesday (on account of getting caught up in the iFad and jumping on the next Pad Wagon), I do think it’s important for organizations like CUE to take risks, explore, and lead the way with new technologies. And, I suspect many of you might be interested in this. Plus, I felt a lot better when I saw that Ewan McIntosh launched a fund focused on iPad innovation the same day. ;)

The iPad, a “magical and revolutionary device” was announced by Apple CEO Steve Jobs on the morning of January 27. CUE is proud to announce the iPad in Education workshop the same day! Two workshops are currently open for registration. You may also request a workshop for your site.

Register today for a workshop on May 12th,
or request an iPad in Education workshop for your site!

Of course, let me know if you have any thoughts, questions, or other feedback in the comments below. :)

iPod Touch in Education Workshop

I just opened registration for an iPod in Education workshop scheduled during the OCCUE Tech Fair on January 24th. If you are in the area and are interested in a workshop that includes both the iPod Touch and over two hours of inspirational ideas for educational use, please sign up. :)

iPod Touch in Education

January 24, 2009
8:30 to 10:50 AM
St. John’s Lutheran School
Orange, Ca

Learn how the revolutionary iPod Touch is the ultimate in mobile learning. Store, organize and access media – plus browse the web! Receive a 16 GB iPod Touch. “Learn It, Take It, Use It!” (Ticketed Focus Session, 2 hrs 20 min, $399, Includes iPod Touch)

This workshop is produced through a partnership between CUE, Inc. and OCCUE.

Lead Learner(s):
Robert EM Craven
Coordinator Educational Technology
Orange County Department of Education

Register Today:

I’ll post the workshop links as soon as I have them. In the meantime, feel free to share links to your own (or your own favorite) iPod Touch in education resources in the comments. And let me know if you have any questions about this workshop – or would like to bring one to your own site, of course. :)

iPod in Education Links

One of the teachers on the Google Certified Teachers listserv (actually a Google Group of course) posted that he has $1200 of grant money to spend in his classroom, but has recently acquired a set of MacBooks, complete with airport (and printer)… and he asked what else he might consider buying (other than digital cameras). My response included a succinct list of quotes I haven’t posted here before, so I thought I’d share them.

There’s always iPods (with Microphones of course).

Apple’s iPod in Education Site: http://www.apple.com/education/products/ipod/
ADE David Baugh’s iPod in Education Site: http://www.ipodined.org
CUE Lead Learner (and Google Certified Teacher) Burt Lo’s iPod in Education wiki: http://ipodined.wikispaces.com


I also appreciated David Warlick’s post about Hall Davidson presenting from an iPod (complete with a classic picture of Hall): PodPrez (Via 2 Cents Worth.)

Incidentally, I’m back “in the office” today and hope to get a couple of posts up before I get back to catching up. :)

To iPod or Not to iPod? (And what about handhelds? And phones?)

To iPod or Not to iPod? (Via edTech Classroom.) Here is another iPod in Education post (and Brian’s been posting some good content over at edTech Classroom lately, so the link is worth it). There is a comparison chart between iPods and “handhelds” that neatly summarizes my thoughts on the topic. I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately as I consider what equipment I’ll need post-OCDE. I wound up getting an iPod (I’ve been spoiled), but, sadly, it is no replacement for a handheld. I may combine my handheld and phone with something like a Treo 700p, but this is expensive, espcially with the data service, and especially if I don’t switch carriers. (I’d have to buy an unlocked GSM version for T-Mobile for hundreds of dollars more.) Alternatively, I’ll keep my simple phone and get something like a Tungsten TX, but I would really miss the web and email after using the blackberry for so long now. I haven’t sorted this one out yet… and I’m open to suggestions.

iPod has new role as educational tool – Engadget

iPod has new role as educational tool – Engadget (Via The Distant Librarian.) Here’s one for Robert and Ted, though I’m sure they beat me to it. I’m glad to see it, though, because I need to feel justified in having purchased a new U2 iPod with my MacBook order this evening – and then logging it as a business expense. With the the educational discounts ($100 of the MacBook and $30 off the iPod) and the promotion they are running ($179 off the iPod), the iPod was basically free!

Pac-Man on your iPod?

Pac-Man on your iPod? (Via Lifehacker.) This requires installing Linux on your iPod, which is kind of cool in and of itself, but why aren’t there native games for the iPod? iTunes may be great for delivering text (PDFs), audio and video, but why not interactive media such as games and simulations, which of course will be the next wave of educational content?

Yeah, I know. One thing at a time… and from Apple’s perspective, one feature at a time.

Jason, can you say anything on this? Are we still at the Apple ][ stage of this thing? :P

Wikipedia on your iPod

Wikipedia on your iPod (Via Informusings.) Andrew Gianni: “A new sourceforge project purports to allow you to download and browse Wikipedia on your iPod.”

Mike and Robert and I quoted this many times this week… and I only just now started looking into how the interface might actually work. Looks interesting, but time consuming. I haven’t tried it yet.

Here is a Direct Link to the sourceforge project.

A New Video iPod?

Why this new video iPod is real… (Via theory.isthereason.) This is a pretty compelling guess at what the next iPod might be like… complete with images. There is not much with a direct relationship to education, except of course that the iPod continues to be a more and more powerful multimedia tool… now if only the next version will respect users enough to include more opportunities for input, particularly if it includes a touch sensitive screen.

UPDATE: It turns out this was a hoax. Watch how the “new video iPod” was a fake… (Via theory.isthereason.)