Announcing: Google Docs Mass Uploader!

I’ve begun a much needed overhaul of this blog. A lot of work was needed behind the scenes to update wordpress and to fix my link posts. I still have some technical issues to iron out and minor projects I want to get to, but I did squeeze in a major project I’ve really been looking forward to… I’ve finally launched the products page.

The most exciting feature is the new Google Docs Mass Uploader. This cross-platform Java application has one purpose: to upload multiple documents at once to Google Docs. The interface allows users to authenticate to their Google Docs account, and then drag and drop multiple documents (or folders full of documents) for upload. The application also provides feedback on upload progress. I’ve wanted an application like this (on my Mac) for some time, and I hope that this might enhance others’ use of Google Docs as well. Particularly in the case of educators, students, and learners of all ages, I hope that having the ability to upload multiple documents at once might facilitate even greater collaboration. To learn more, visit the products page and try it out!, a metasearch tool I’ve blogged about before (here and here), is also featured on the products page. Phase 2 is expected to be complete next week. I’ll make another announcement here when it is. In the meantime, head on over to the products page and try out phase 1!

Both these products are currently in beta and are offered to everyone for free. I hope you’ll consider a $5.00 donation to help support the development of these tools. I would also be grateful for any feedback you can offer regarding your experience with these products. Please use the comments below (or the form on the products page) to share your thoughts, requests, and suggestions.