iPod Touch in Education Workshop

I just opened registration for an iPod in Education workshop scheduled during the OCCUE Tech Fair on January 24th. If you are in the area and are interested in a workshop that includes both the iPod Touch and over two hours of inspirational ideas for educational use, please sign up. :)

iPod Touch in Education

January 24, 2009
8:30 to 10:50 AM
St. John’s Lutheran School
Orange, Ca

Learn how the revolutionary iPod Touch is the ultimate in mobile learning. Store, organize and access media – plus browse the web! Receive a 16 GB iPod Touch. “Learn It, Take It, Use It!” (Ticketed Focus Session, 2 hrs 20 min, $399, Includes iPod Touch)

This workshop is produced through a partnership between CUE, Inc. and OCCUE.

Lead Learner(s):
Robert EM Craven
Coordinator Educational Technology
Orange County Department of Education

Register Today:

I’ll post the workshop links as soon as I have them. In the meantime, feel free to share links to your own (or your own favorite) iPod Touch in education resources in the comments. And let me know if you have any questions about this workshop – or would like to bring one to your own site, of course. :)

Workshop Resources for The CLMS/CLHS/NHSA and CUE Technology Conference

I led five workshops at the 2008 CLMS/CLHS/NHSA and CUE Technology Conference. Below are links to the resources for each event:

Please feel free to contact me for further details or related information.

Online CUEtoYOU Professional Development

I’m happy to have been a part of bringing this service to CUE, so I’m sharing the news here as well.

Through a new partnership with Global Classroom, CUE is excited to offer online courses to its members!  Global Classroom has delivered online professional development to teachers since 2004 and has a wide array of technology-focused courses.  This great benefit is now available to all CUE members.  This partnership will provide low-cost professional development in a flexible online environment to teachers throughout the state.  And a portion of each registration will also help support CUE’s mission! More…

Check out the course options and register today!

Incidentally, this is one of the few services CUE offers that’s available to readers of this blog from anywhere in the world. Of course, if you’re interested in brining CUEtoYOU face-to-face professional development (or perhaps the Google Learning Institute in particular) to you, we’re willing to travel anywhere on the globe. :)

Google Learning Institute in Monterey, Ca

I’m happy to be announcing this. The “civilian” version of the Google Teacher Academy (no application necessary) is coming to the CLMS/CLHS/NHSA and CUE Technology Conference in Monterey, Ca this December 4th. Here’s the description and registration link from the conference website:

Google Learning Institute (Bring your own laptop)
9:00 am – 4:00 pm – Special All-Day Class!

This is a high-energy professional development experience that introduces participants to innovative ways free Google tools can be used in education. A full-day of fast-paced presentations and hands-on activities includes experience with advanced search techniques, collaborative web-based applications, and inspirational instructional strategies. Google Certified Teachers share the ways they’ve implemented tools such as Google Docs, Google Earth, Google Sites, and… even more. Participants who complete the workshop are given access to the Google Learning Network (GLN), an online group focused on supporting educators as they learn more about the power of Google to support learning. Fee: $250

Enjoy extended, hands-on workshops on the practical educational uses of each tool or concept. Advanced registration required, extra fees apply, no refunds provided, sessions/equipment subject to change. These sessions are first-come, first-served and usually sell out. Submit payment with REGISTRATION ASAP and call to ensure your space is reserved.

I hope to see some of you there! And if you’re planning on coming, don’t miss the (free) edublogger meetup the following night – sign up now so we can all get excited about you coming: http://www.edubloggercon.com/monterey2008

CUE 2009 Submissions: Maybe You Should Drive

In the past I’ve shared my major conference submissions on this blog, particularly at this time of year, when I try to update old sessions and dream up new ones for CUE and NECC. Three weeks ago (on September 12th) I submitted eight new or updated sessions for CUE 2009: Driving Student Achievement. I took a very bare-bones approach to my submissions this year, so most of these are very short, but I feel good about the ideas none-the-less. Below are the titles and descriptions of the eight sessions. Click through for the abstracts as well (in rtf format) – some include outlines, others are very brief.

Blogs, Wikis, and Google Docs:
Which one is right for your lesson?

(20 Minute CUE Tips Session)
Why use a wiki when you have a blog? When should you use Google Docs instead of a wiki? This session will clear up your confusion and free your creativity. Abstract

Build a Better Browser:
An Overview of Firefox Themes & Extensions for Educators
(20 Minute CUE Tips Session)
Rediscover the web! Firefox is now faster, more secure, and fully customizable. Learn how themes and extensions can be used to turn your web browser into the ultimate learning machine. Abstract

I Want To Believe:
What’s the research value of Wikipedia and Knol?
(20 Minute CUE Tips Session)
Anyone can publish anything online. So what’s the value of information on collaborative sites like Wikipedia and Google’s Knol? Learn how students can make the most of what they find. Abstract

Maybe You Should Drive:
Taking Control of Your Own Professional Development

(1 Hour Concurrent Session)
New tools provide powerful ways to find solutions, expand horizons, and pursue passions – whenever and wherever you want. Learn what tools to use, and how to use them most effectively. Abstract

Learning to Network and Networking to Learn:
Beyond The Tools…

(1 Hour Concurrent Session)
There’s always new web tools, but it’s more important to become part of an online learning network than to master any specific tool. Learn how to connect, converse, and contribute. Abstract

Search, Learn, Share:
An Introduction to Google Tools in Education (An Update)

(1 Hour Concurrent Session)
Google tools such as search, Docs, Sites, and Maps are standards for educators. Learn how the latest from Google, including Knol, Lively, Chrome, and more, can create even greater impact! Abstract

Twitter Me This:
Join a Global Learning Community & Feel Good About It

(20 Minute CUE Tips Session)
It’s a blog, it’s an IM… no it’s Twitter – more efficient than email or RSS! Learn to connect with others, discover resources, and share what you’re doing using “social microblogging.” Abstract

Note: I still need a new title for this – “Twitter Me This” has been used often elsewhere.

We all Scream for Ustream:
An Introduction to Video Streaming in Education

(1 Hour Concurrent Session)
Any lesson can be an episode in an online show for students! Discover how streaming video can also create a permeable classroom. Learn tricks like how to share your desktop. Abstract

Note: In retrospect, I think this should’ve been a 20 minute CUEtips session. ;)

Ultimately, I hope you’ll be interested in these – I’d appreciate any feedback or questions you have. Whether or not these sessions are selected for CUE, I’m likely to present them elsewhere this year… and I can always make adjustments as I flesh these out for the upcoming NECC submission deadline. :)

Bloggers Discount for ILC 2008

I just received an email from the ILC staff offering edubloggers the opportunity to extend a discount to their readers. Here’s the text of the offer:

The Innovative Learning Conference (ILC) 2008, will be held October 14-16 at the San Jose Convention Center in San Jose, Calif., and is devoted to sharing innovative educational strategies for advancing K-12 student achievement.

Registration is taking place NOW, with an early-bird discount available through Oct. 6. In addition, readers of this blog can get an extra discount of $40 by registering online by Oct. 6 at www.ilc2008.org and typing in the promotional code ORG40.

This conference is a “must-attend” professional development opportunity, offering educators, administrators and technology leaders a chance to experience first-hand the latest innovations in classroom technology. More than 150 concurrent sessions and over 60 workshops will provide thought-provoking strategies, applications and practices. ILC 2008 will also feature an expansive exhibit hall where attendees can view the latest products and services from some of the nation’s leading technology companies, with more than 100 top solution providers in attendance.

For more information on the conference, please visit www.ilc2008.org.

If you attend the conference, be sure to also drop in on the edublogger meetup at 7 pm on Wednesday evening at the Gordon Biersch: http://www.edubloggercon.com/ilc2008

NOTE: ILC is produced in partnership between CUE and FETC.

Edublogger Meetups and Edubloggercon WEST

I just posted this to the edubloggercon group:

Hey, all. I just started a new page at the edubloggercon wiki for a meetup at the Innovative Learning Conference put on by CUE and FETC in San Jose this October 14 through 16. I’m planning the meetup on Wednesday the 15th at 7 pm.

The Conference:

The Edublogger Meetup Page:

If you’re planning to be there – or to be in the area, please sign up. I look forward to hanging out with and learning with any of you who can make it.

And then, I thought I’d take advantage of my momentum and go ahead and create a similar page for the technology conference in Monterey this December:

Hello again. I went ahead and created a page for a similar edublogger meetup in Monterey, Ca on December 5th during the Learning to Network, Networking to Lean conference put on by CUE and CLMS/CLHS/NHSA.

The Conference:

The Edublogger Meetup Page:

Again, if you’ll be at the conference or in the area, I hope you’ll sign up to hang out and learn with us. :)


Finally, I continued right on with this:

I decided to ride my momentum… I jumped in and created a place holder for the Edubloggercon-WEST at the CUE conference. But, I haven’t talked to Mike Lawrence or Steve Hargadon about this, so it may evolve a bit in the coming months. In the meantime, feel free to jump in and help create the organizing pages on the wiki:

The Conference:

The Edubloggercon:

Hopefully I’ll see each of you at one or more of these events – at least if you live in California. :)

CUE 2008 Workshop Wikis

Though I missed the EduBloggercCon-West on March 5th (to help Eva with Clark – and to get some writing done), I was thrilled to spend most of the past weekend presenting at the 2008 CUE conference in Palm Springs. Below are links to the wikis for each workshop or sesison that I led. Each wiki includes the session agenda, hotlinks to anything I mentioned, and any slides, videos, or handouts I shared. Please feel free to leave a comment or contact me if you have any questions or feedback.

March 6, 2008

  • Learning to Game and Gaming to Learn – This three hour ticketed workshop was organized into three parts. The first hour was a theoretical overview of current research and practice related to video games and learning. In the second hour, participants played through a serious game for change, the United Nations World Food Program’s Food Force. The third hour was then a reflection discussion and time to focus on what has to happen for video games to be used in schools. Tag: CUE08A9

After this workshop I commuted home to spend another night helping out with Clark. (During my trip to the CLMS conference in Sacramento last week, it was tough for Eva to do two nights in a row on her own.) But, I was up to help with a feeding at 4:30 and hit the road again in time for breakfast in Palm Springs and a full day of presenting on the seventh.

March 7, 2008

  • Be An Edublogger – The title of this one hour concurrent session might leave you thinking “who does this guy think he is?” but it’s merely an effort to share tools and tips for joining a global learning community by making connections, contributions, conversations, and requests. Tag: CUE08S2199
  • Build A Better Browser – This 20 minute CUE Tips session provided an overview of how all browsers are not created equal and demonstrated a list of Firefox Extensions for Educators. All are linked to from the wiki – and some are not to be missed! Tag: CUE08T8011
  • Blogs, Wikis, and Google Docs: Which one is right for your lesson? – Blogs, Wikis, and Google Docs can be powerful and easy to use tools for educators, but their features are overlapping and it can sometimes be difficult to know which one is right to meet a given need. This 20 minute CUE Tips session was an effort to help sort that out. Tag: CUE08T8012
  • Twitter Me This – This 20 minute CUE Tips session introduced the idea of social microblogging and provided an overview of the basic functions of twitter. Most importantly, it helped educators see how they could use Twitter to join a global learning community… and feel good about it. Tag: CUE08T8010

Happily, I was able to stay the night following this busy day. This also gave me the opportunity to take part in the CUE Volunteer reception, the CUE ball, the OCCUE affiliate meeting, dinner with colleagues (David Jakes, Sylvia Martinez, & Mark Pennington), and socializing with folks (from Newport-Mesa USD, Redondo USD, and elsewhere) I don’t get to see very often anymore. As I say all year long, you learn as much over Margaritas in Palm Springs (during the CUE conference) as you do in the sessions. And the next morning I was up bright and early for another full day.

March 8, 2008

  • Classroom 2.0 – A Real-time Conversation – This one hour concurrent session was a discussion panel moderated by Steve Hargadon. My fellow panelists were Mike Lawrence, Kyle Brunbaugh, Adam Frey, Rushton Hurley, and Sylvia Martinez. Julie Lindsay also Skyped in from Qatar on the Arabian Peninsula. Discussion focused on the potential of web 2.0 tools (and philosophies) to transform traditional classrooms. The discussion continues on the CUE community website. Tag: CUE08S2186
  • CUE Live 2008: Games in Education (w/Sylvia Martinez) – In this webcast (filmed on the show floor) I interview Sylvia Martinez about using video games in education. She brings a developers perspective and talks about the importance of teachers providing a context for a game used in the classroom. The conversation is just over 12 minutes long.
  • It Really Is Really Simple – This one hour concurrent session provided an introduction to Really Simple Syndication (RSS) in education. Participants learned how to subscribe to blogs, podcasts, and other “feeds” – as well as how RSS can help manage student blogs and their own professional development. Discussion of the technical “magic” behind RSS and podcast enclosures was also included. Tag: CUE08S2189

Following a rushed late checkout I headed home for an evening (and a day off) with Clark and Eva… and the recuperation was much needed. I’m posting these resources here to do my part in “extending” the conference and welcome any questions or feedbacks in the comments or via email.

Link: Podcasting with Ted Lai in Palm Springs

CUE: Podcasting with Ted Lai in Palm Springs (Via CUE.org.) If you happen to be in the Southern California area, don’t miss this opportunity to learn from an educational podcasting master (and help the local CUE affiliate with fund raising for teacher grants):

Ted Lai, co-author of The Macintosh iLife ’08 in The Classroom, leads this workshop. Participants learn to use GarageBand and a free hosting service to create their own online shows. Podcasting allows anyone to create and share a show – and allows others to enjoy the show at their convenience. Learn to use podcasting to access existing instructional resources and to share student work with parents, the community, and the world. With GarageBand on a Mac, create an enhanced podcast, complete with images and links.

Title: Broadcasting for All: An Introduction to Podcasting in Education (Mac)
Date: Saturday, February 2, 2008
Time: 8:30 – 11:30 am
Location: Palm Springs USD District Office, Professional Development Center, 1000 Tahquitz Way, Palm Springs, CA 92262.
Price: $100 (For CUE Members)

Register Now

Monthly CUEtoYOU Workshops in Palm Springs

Monthly CUEtoYOU Workshops in Palm Springs (Via CUE.org.) I just posted this over at the CUE site and thought I’d pass it on here. Palm Springs is only a 90 minute frive (or less) from Orange and San Diego Counties, so these Saturday workshops are within range of anyone in Southern California. If you would attend the conference, you can attend these workshops. Spread the word. :)

Some of the most popular events of the annual CUE conference in Palm Springs are the hands-on workshops. Now you can enjoy hands-on workshops in Palm Springs year round! Cahuilla CUE, a local affiliate of CUE, Inc. is hosting monthly workshop at the Palm Springs Unified School District Professional Development Center (across the street from the conference center). Each workshop is a three-hour experience facilitated by a CUE Lead Learner on a Saturday morning (or afternoon). Topics include read/write web applications (such as blogs, wikis, and podcasts), multi-media applications (such as editing images, audio, and video), and exciting new applications from Google. Classes are offered for both Windows XP and Mac OS X.

The cost for CUE members is only $100 for a three-hour hands-on experience. Register today… then download a pdf of the schedule to spread the word!

Is Palm Springs too far to drive on a Saturday morning? Host a series of CUEtoYOU Featured Workshops in your area.