Busy in the Ready Room

As you can see, volunteering in the presenter world (speaker ready room) isn’t a tough job. We’ve had a few flurries of activity, but the most technical thing I’ve had to help anyone with (and I did get tech support duty) is learning how to right click on a Mac. There was a PC on the table behind her, but she wanted the challenge.

When I got here, David Warlick was working away (we’re talking head in his hands followed by typing) on his own computer. I’d introduced myself to him at the CUE conference in March, but didn’t want to interupt him today. I refrained from getting a pic for this blog for the same reason. This ready room is like a library – unfortunately a conversation would seem really out of place. Anyway, you guys get the empty room shot instead of Warlick now.

Note the screen in the back… that’s for presenters to test their equipment before their session. Ironically, between that last sentence and this I just helped a lady with the old function + F7 trick.

Now I’m snacking on some (pretty bad) chips and salsa – and (even worse) rice crispies treats – that were brought in here. Did I mention there’s no food here? It’s amazing how learning is impacted when your basic needs aren’t being met. :(