Brunel Study Shows Positive Role of Computer Games

I’ve been working on presentations this evening… for the week following my week off. I’ll come back right into a busy conference season. In three days I’ll teach an introduction to games in education, speak to a Professional Learning Communities conference, teach an introduction to Adobe Premier Elements, and speak to a High School Summit conference. Then, on Saturday I’ll speak at a GATE Education conference in Palm Springs followed by the Computer Using Educators conference in Palm Springs.

So now I’m trying to squeeze in a little blogging before Eva comes home. Perhaps I beat Mike Guerena to this one…

BOFFINS SAY: GAMES ARE GOOD FOR YOU! – CVG Online (Via Google News – Games Education.) Matt Wales: “Computer games have a central role to play in the education and development of young people.”

Well, Eva’s home. More later. :)

UPDATE: Here is a slightly more formal report on the same study.

Brunel Study Shows Positive Role of Computer Games Learn as you … – Entertainmentwise (Via Google News – Games Education.)