Blogs are the New Crayons: The Read/Write Web in Education

In a few moments I will be begin my next presentation at the CUE conference, Blogs are the New Crayons: The Read/Write Web in Education. This post is just a quick and dirty link to the slides and handouts.


UPDATE 03/11/06: There’s been problems uploading these files from the conference center… check back again tomorrow, after I’ve returned to a more reliable internet connection. :)

UPDATE 03/12/06: All should be well now. Please let me know if you have any trouble downloading these files. I should also mention that the room was absolutely packed! The conversation was exceptional, and despite the short time frame (only 1 hour), most participants were able to set up a blog in addition to exploring the resources I discussed. As is often the case, the interactions I had with them on their way out were the most inspiring.