Blogs and The Read/Write Web for Edward B. Cole Academy

This afternoon I am presenting a three-hour Introduction to Blogs and the Read/Write Web workshop for the enterprising teachers of Edward B. Cole Academy in Santa Ana. Here is our agenda with links.

Blogs and the Read/Write Web – Part I
Edward B. Cole Academy
May 31, 2006


Welcome and Introductions

Overview of Blogs and the Read/Write Web

Hands-On with
– A 3 minute intro to WordPress
– Posting (in detail)
– Editing your sidebar
– Presentation (in detail)
– Admin Panels Walk Through
– Comments
– Log out and log back in
– Further discussion

Demo of RSS and Other Read/Write Web Services (time permitting)
– RSS with
– Wikis with
– Social bookmarking at
– Image sharing at
– Podcasting at
– And many, many, more…

Reflection and Evaluation

The last few read/write web trainings I delivered were once again focused on Blogger, so I used Build a Blog as a demonstration tool. However, today we are using WordPress (via edublogs) again, so I can use this blog for some demonstrations. :)