Blogging With CLMS/CLHS in Indian Wells

It’s a 111 degrees outside, but we’re in here learning about blogs and the read/write web. I’m asking these three familiar questions:

1. What is a blog? Public email? A web page? Postings and responses. two-way communication. one-to-many. public journal by an author who wants to share what he knows. discussions.

2. What is the read/write web? you can read & write, is a blog a read/write web?

3. What do these technologies mean for you and your students? You can extend dialog after class and beyond the classroom… even kids who won’t talk in class might participate… students taking charge of their own learning… did you see today’s USA Today?

We’ve got a wide variety of starting points in the room, and we’re off…

UPDATE: Here’s a link to the workshop: