Blogging while Busy… Progress, not Perfection

The residency is going amazingly well…and once again I wish I had the time to write more about it. After Starbucks on Sunday night I stayed up polishing and cutting my talk until about 2:30am. Then last night, I was doing Walden stuff until about 9, when I decided to get my work responsibilities out of the way so I could settle in… I wasn’t done until 2:30am again! And I’ve been getting up around 7. Now, here it is 1am… I didn’t get back to the KAM again… mostly because the educational technology students were networking… and beginning a blog for students of the specialization, by the way! So once again, I wish I had time to write, and once again I’m afraid I will be dead tired in the morning.

I aim to find a way to blog while busy. How do others deal with this time management issue? This must be central to the habit of blogging.

I am going to try an experiment tomorrow. I will be moblogging (mobile blogging) throughout the day in an effort to incorporate the writing of my blog into my day… in a way similar to how I read my news feeds as they trickle in during the day.

Blogger allows users to set up an email account to which they can send messages which will be posted to the blog. So, I will send short email messages from my blackberry throughout the day and see how that feels. Alternatively, I may generate a flat text file of reflections, and then edit and post it in the evening.

I also still need to post the slides and audio file for my presentation on Monday. Oh, well, one thing at a time… progress not perfection, as Elizabeth at the OCDE reminded me a few weeks ago.