Blogging Institute Day 2 Recap

In the Summer Blogging Institute yesterday we began by spending more time with edublogs. In fact, I had time to give this blogging assignment for the participants:

1. Find an interesting post on another blog.
2. Read the post.
3. Write about the post on your blog.
4. Include a link back to the original post. (Hint: Use the permalink.)

At the end of the morning we also got into RSS and bloglines.

Jannita Demian for Discovery Education then took the class to lunch before we came back to hear Discovery’s Steve Dembo (also of Teach 42) share more about how to find good reading material using bloglines and Following Steve’s talk (via Skype), Jannita shared more about a handful of Discovery programs, including United Streaming, Cosmeo, and most importantly – the Discovery Educator Network. (She also shared the Learning Adds Up program.)

Working off of Steve’s coverage of, we then got into Social Bookmarking with FURL… so this was another full day. Now, on Day 3, we’ll be moving on to wiki’s and other read/write web tools… following some review of course. ;)