Blogging in Redondo Beach

This week I’m back on the workshop trail… I’ve got more to say about my Tuesday in Orange Unified, but today I’m in Redondo Beach. I’m asking participants these three familiar questions (participant responses are in italics):

1. What is a blog? Something like a web site… but it’s interactive, so you can get information from other people – and respond to them… it’s a two way street. On the news they talk about blogs… for information. Others don’t know.

2. What is the read/write web? Is it like MySpace where kids and grown ups go and share information? And some shaking of heads.

3. What do these technologies mean for you and your students? For second grade, students might not do much… but communication with parents about homework etc would be good… maybe the kids could do something to communicate with their parents, too… and they’re still thinking…

It’s a small group again, so we’ll get a lot done, but we’ve got a lot of ground to cover. We’re off