Better to burn out than to fade away

Better to burn out than to fade away (Via D’Arcy Norman Dot Net.) Wow. I’m dealing with the same issues these guys are. My dedication to work and study for the past several years has come with a steep personal price tag… and now blogging is added into the time-budget. I feel as if half the learning I’ve done while in my phd program has been facilitated by this blog. I certainly would not have connected with the experts and practitioners that I have without it. But, on the flip side… there are several hours each week (sometimes each day) that I am spending on reading feeds and writing about them) that I could be putting toward my phd, and this balance may need to shift back to the phd for the next year – and to the marriage – but absolutely NOT back to work. I often tell people that I started my phd so I’d work less… and it’s true… and its working.

It Takes Time…and a New Element to Teaching & Learning (Via 2 Cents Worth.) This issue pops up in David Warlick’s writing, too, though he takes it in a more positive direction. He winds up finding his way back to the reason we all spend too much time on this:

I believe that at the same time that kids must learn to read and count, the must also learn to communicate, compellingly, with their world, within their information environment.