Be An Edublogger (CUE Submission)

Eva and I have a baby due February 5th, so even though I’m hoping to be able to attend the CUE conference in Palm Springs four weeks later, I’ve been avoiding any commitments at the conference (or at least those without a solid plan B). Then, to my surprise, Eva put in a few submissions to present at CUE… four weeks after she gives birth! Well, I figure if she’s hoping to be there, I might as well put in a few submissions myself.

So, with my proposal safely away on Saturday morning – and Saturday being the (official) deadline to submit, I set about trying to dream up some new session topics in the afternoon.

I usually focus on what teachers can do with their students and present the benefits to the teacher as an additional bonus. One idea that really appealed to me was helping teachers to not only use blogs with their students, but to purposefully become a contributing member of the edublogosphere. I suspect most attendees won’t be interested in this – and those who are interested may be perfectly capable of teaching themselves, but there might just be a small cross-section of teachers who are ready for the next step and hungry to be empowered. Think this will attract any attendance?


Be An Edublogger: Tools and Tips for Joining A Global Learning Community


Read, write, reflect, and respond! Hundreds of educators around the world connect and learn using their blogs – and anyone can join them. Discover tools and tips to help you contribute.


BeAnEdublogger.pdf (1 Page)

I’d love any input you all can offer. I recognize there’s an element of hubris in even presuming I can lead a session like this, so I hope it’s seen simply as an attempt to humbly pass on something that has worked for me – and I hope I can include ideas that have worked for others as well. So, is there anything I’ve misrepresented? What have I missed? And what works for you?