Back in Second Life

I just downloaded the Second Life update and got back in world for the first time in… at least a year… maybe close to two. I went to eduisland II, where there were all of two people, both unresponsive. So I headed over to the ISTE island where I met the one person in the area, someone named Kittygloom, whose real name I should’ve jotted down – apparently she’s a membership manager for ISTE. At any rate, I was thankful for her company and it was a gentle reintroduction into the world.

And how did I make time for it? Eva’s tired and nauseous a lot right now and she’s already in bed. Who knew getting back into SL would be a result of Eva being pregnant? I have a feeling I better not get used to the extra time, though. ;)

So, if you are in Second Life… maybe I’ll see you around. I have the woefully inadequate (but full of personal gaming tradition) avatar name of Tolious Padar. I parked myself in something of a tree house overlooking the ISTE island.