Attention, your most endangered resource

Attention, your most endangered resource (Via Lifehacker.) I actually think the title of this lifehacker post was the most important part to me. I realized a long time ago that the one currency in life is time. But it is useful to think of your attention as the way you spend your time… to me this helps make sense of multitasking… what is it you are spending the most attention on? And is it being spent on the right things? Of course, deriving benefit from these questions presupposes a reflective process as part of your day, or as part of your decision making process. The later is more difficult for me, and I’m working on developing new habits.

I need a productivity category here, don’t I? Ok. There’s one now. I still have delusions of going back and re-categorizing all my old posts, but I suppose I know I won’t and that has to be ok… after all, what would I really get out of it?