Another Classroom Blogging Tool Emerges

Another Classroom Blogging Tool Emerges (Via 2 Cents Worth.) In Orange County we had invested a lot of time into teaching educators to use Blogger… it was easy, and feature rich. We always taught them how to remove the “Next Blog” button, and could now disable the Next Blog button for all districts who use the county’s filter, but the fact that kids could use the button at home, discover inappropriate sites, and then come back to school and access them means that and remain blocked. So, the options become more important. Here, Warlick points us to a new one, which I will have to try out… perhaps before my presentation at the CUE conference on Saturday.

It is unclear to me whether students can set up Gaggle Blogs using the free service or the fee-based one, but it has some features that might appeal to educators, and would be nice to see in a free service like

Gaggle Blogs are a way that students and educators can interface with the rest of the world. Gaggle Blogs are filtered for inappropriate words and phrases. All images are scanned for pornographic content and all URL links are checked for pornographic content. If any rules are violated, the offending blog entry for will be blocked and sent to the authors administrator email address pending approval.