U2 is Playing Outdoors & I’m Going to Hawaii

My old friend Ryan Chan pointed out to me yesterday that there were still floor tickets available for the last show of the U2 tour… in Aloha Stadium, Hawaii… on the first weekend of Eva’s spring break. So, we’re going! I saw the opening show in San Diego a year ago. At the time it was an arena show, but as you can see from this picture taken at a recent Latin American show, they’ve once again graduated to stadiums. It’s great to see their most impressive stage since ZOO TV on the road as we speak. Anyway, it was time for a true “and Life” post… and for me to get back into adding pictures to my posts. :)

Incidentally, I’m up to five drafts of posts based on Squire’s work, and hope to have those up in the coming week or so. Meanwhile, I’m getting a lot of reading and outlining done on vacation. I’m gonna miss this (and the time with Eva) next week. I’ve got to find a better balance.