… and Life: Roses Follow Up

I know I haven’t been consistent about my posts lately. I’ve been dealing with a healthy dose of “and Life” issues here. Though I respect, follow, and get a lot out of blogs that deal with personal issues like what I’m dealing with, the full story doesn’t belong on Educational Technology and Life… not by a long shot.

Still, I can share this follow-up shot of the Roses in my back yard as a symbol of the importance of what I am going through right now.

The initial shot I posted here showed some flowers in full bloom, and a handful of fresh buds on a longer stem. This shot depicts the original flowers as they rot and fall away, while the buds have now blossomed into something spectacular. After changing jobs so much the last few years I began to come to a deeper appreciation of the limited time I have working with the exciting people I get to work with. This is now crossing over into my personal life. I have always maintained long term friendships, but some will blossom and fade while others will grow to replace them.

Now, I’m not at all sure what it means that the gardener has since paid us a visit and cut both of these stems back to prune the bush! I suppose it will still grow more beautiful flowers in their place, which would not be possible without the pruning. I suppose this former literature teacher can find some symbolism in that, too… and it is almost too bad I can’t share the whole story here. Still, I offer this image and these thoughts up as my apology for being away.

Meanwhile, there is much more to come this weekend… on the read/write web, on Dewey, and on Serious Games.

Thanks for reading.