…and Life: My First Father’s Day?

I suppose announcing something like this on your blog pegs you irrevocably as a geek, but c’est la vie. It’s fun. This was taken on Thursday and it just might be my first baby picture… meaning this might be my first father’s day.

Eva was pregnant in January, but had a tubal pregnancy and had to have surgery to remove it (and one of her tubes), so we’ve already seen the down side of letting people know too early… and it’s not that bad. So, understand it might not all work out, but we’re excited. We’re pregnant. And it’s in the right place this time. It’s 2 mm of heart tissue and it’s beating… it’s only 102 bpm, but she’s only 5 weeks pregnant. We’ll be going in again on Thursday and hopefully it will be up over 120 – or more like 160. The dark circle, incidentally, is the gestation sack (I think), and the light circle is the yolk sack… the baby is the white mass at the tip of the arrow. It flickers on video. :)

And now I have yet another reason to finish my dissertation as soon as possible… at least before February when the baby is due!