“and Life” in Temecula Valley Wine Country?

This afternoon, Eva and I took four hours off and drove out to Temecula Valley wine country because we’ve discovered what may very well be our dream house… on a hill with 360 degree views, a producing orchard, lots of space, and a surprisingly reasonable price tag. We still can’t afford it of course, but we’re committed to finding ways to make it happen and several may already be falling into place. If we make an offer, I’ll post a link to the virtual tour. :)

Eva and I have been relatively lucky in our real estate choices the last few years, moving from “transition” home to “transition” home. We’ve often talked about stepping out of the crazy life we’re in now and moving to “the middle of nowhere” where we might have more space, including some land… and our children might have something like the Calvin and Hobbes experience growing up. We sometimes look at real estate in Irvine, where we live – and which we love, and we grow increasingly depressed by the high prices, small homes, and small lots. As you might expect, this is the case all over Orange County, too. This place came up in an Irvine real estate advertisement… we did some research, and then just drove to see it.

This will mean a lot of change if it happens. Commuting is not entirely out of the question during a transition period, but I know I won’t last long at that. And as in love with the place as we are, we’re not 100% sure moving away from family, friends, and the familiar is what we want. In any case, despite the dirt road leading up to it, it does have broadband internet access, so at least its a realistic possibility for me and my home office. :D