…and Life: Goodbye Gilmore Girls

Adieu Gilmore Girls (Via Thoughts From A Technospud.) I can definitely second Jen’s thoughts on the final Gilmore Girls. Eva and I have watched it religiously since the very first episode. For a long time I proclaimed it “arguably the best show on television.” I always appreciated the brilliant dialog, especially the pop culture references, including the frequent Bono references. And I’m not ashamed to admit I found myself a bit teary eyed more than a few times watching that show.

After Amy Sherman-Palladino left at the end of last season, though, the dialog suffered, and we were more or less watching to see how things turned out for the characters we were invested in. Eva pretty much lost interest a few months ago, so as a result we hadn’t watched the last three episodes at all.

So, friday night we ordered pizza (like we used to religiously on Tuesday nights) and settled in to watch the last three episodes. It turned out to feel a whole lot like a feature film to wrap up the series… beginning with a dream sequence that included a flashback to Rory’s Chilton days (and a picture of future Paris standing next to Bono) and ending with the final scene in the diner (that mirrored the first scene of the series). Of course, Luke and Lorelai ended up together. It was an extra bonus (for me) that Rory was leaving to work as a reporter on the campaign trail with Barack Obama. It was, as my mom said, a “sweet and sad” conclusion to the show. I’ll miss the show and the characters.

These last three episodes seemed much more like the show in seasons past (that is, better) and in the final episode I noted that Amy Sherman-Palladino had an executive producer credit. I didn’t notice though if that was always there all season, or if she returned for the final episode (or three). From what I can find Googling around the internet I see no evidence that she did return. If anyone can shine any light on this I’d love to hear more.

In any case, I feel like Eva and I watched Rory grow up and I think Eva got a preview of just how sentimental I’ll be about our own kids someday…