and Life: A Pre-Presentation Morning

So… I’m having a classic pre-presentation morning. I thought my greatest concerns this morning would be the timing on my presentation and whether I could articulate well what an epistemic game is. But, as you can see, I had an unanticipated problem. Our valet this morning had a little trouble with driving a stick, as did the valet last night. Last night I had to back up very quickly to avoid getting hit as a valet rolled the Camero in front of me back down a hill. This morning, my valet rolled out of the parking spot backwards into a large Chevy truck (causing the dent you see in the picture), and then promptly shot forward into the Camry my car had been parked next to. So, he mashed the front and back corners of the car. Grr. Oh, well, at least now I have a fresh opening anecdote for the presentation at 10. The poor kid promptly lost his job. I suppose he could’ve used some more time in a driving simulator. ;)