An Introduction to Games in Education

I’m thrilled to share that 18 people are signed up for this evening’s “Introduction to Games in Education” at the Orange County Department of Education. Here is the course description from our announcement:

Computer and video games show a great deal of potential as teaching and learning tools. They provide a context for learning, opportunities for inquiry, and frameworks for cooperative learning. They are also deeply motivating and engaging. There is little doubt that a good deal of incidental learning is taking place when students play these games, but why not harness this powerful new media for intentional learning in formal education? Participants in this session will be introduced to cutting edge theories on digital game-based learning, including the benefits, drawbacks, and controversial issues. The course will also offer hands-on experience with games that have been used in education, and participants will leave with ideas that can be implemented in their classes.

So that the participants can follow along at their station, and for the benefit of any readers who might be interested, here are the presentation slides as well. This is very similar to the last time I offered the class, but there is a part two coming up on May 9th, which will cover social constructivist theories, serious games, and games for change. If you are in the Orange County area, visit to register.