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“Your Plog is a personalized web log that appears on your customer home page. Every person’s Plog is different (hence the name), and the posts are sorted so the most recent entries appear at the top. Each post also gives you the opportunity to provide feedback to the sender as to whether you liked the post or not. Your Plog only appears if you are logged into and is visible only to you.”

I first discovered the Amazon Plog when a message from Clark Aldrich greeted me at my Amazon home page. I’m trying to sort out how the Plog is special… or if it is special. I suppose this is something like the Personal Start Page I have at Walden University, on which announcements from courses (or the bursars office or whatever) that relate to me are posted. In an educational setting this might look something like D’Arcy’s much linked to mythical aggregator, which is now ever so slightly less mythical. In keeping with the naming trend, perhaps such dynamically generated personal blogs for students would be eduplogs?

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