All Caught Up

I’ve gotten through all the items I sent to Mars Edit while reading my feeds the last few days. I hope this wasn’t too much of a deluge for new or returning readers. If you had previously subscribed to my old blog and FURL feed, this was probably not that unusual. At any rate, now that the tools are all setup, I expect I’ll be posting at a more regular pace, though the more essay-like posts will probably continue to come somewhat sporadically.

I’ve also gotten rather happy with my custom wordpress theme and header graphic… I finally sorted out the rounded corners even.

There are a few tasks I have left: adding “blogs that link here”, sorting out a moblogging solution, adding a favicon (low priority), and the monster task: slowly go through all the old posts to fix the image links, add categories, and pick out highlights for the sidebar. :)

Oh, I also need to sort out how to completely turn off comment moderation in wordpress. Can anyone offer a tip on this, or any of the above for that matter?