Administrator blogs or podcasts?

Scott McLeod at over at Dangerously Irrelevant has been writing about school administrators blogging. Some of the examples he’s collected (be sure to look in the comments) I’ve used as inspiration for others in my workshops. I also cover this topic with all the administrators in AB 430. Sometimes I am able to help them create a blog hands-on. Very few have actually taken off, so I’m thrilled to see what Scott has collected and written. I’m starting a new cohort of administrators on Monday and will definitely share this with them when we get to talking about the read/write web.

Here are links to the series of posts Scott has been working on:

Administrator blogs or podcasts? (Via Dangerously Irrelevant.) Scott calls for examples… see readers responses in the comments for several links.

Why blog as an administrator? – Part 1 (Via Dangerously Irrelevant.) Scott offers and discusses three good reasons administrators should blog:

1. Sharing News and Events

2. Progress Monitoring

3. Status Alerts

Why blog as an administrator? – Part 2 (Via Dangerously Irrelevant.) Two more good reasons:

4. Marketing

5. Public Relations

Why blog as an administrator? – Part 3 (Via Dangerously Irrelevant.) And reasons six and seven:

6. Community Building

7. Customer Relations

Why blog as an administrator? – Part 4 (Via Dangerously Irrelevant.) Eight and nine:

8. Branding

9. Creating Customer Evangelists

Why blog as an administrator? – Part 5 (Via Dangerously Irrelevant.) And making it an even dozen (so far):

10. Thought Leadership

11. Advocacy

12. Replacing the School Web Site

I like being able to see the whole list in one place like this. I hope others find it valuable as well.

Incidentally, these look very much like reasons teachers might blog… or anyone for that matter. :)

PS. With this post, I’m finally starting an administrators category.

UPDATE: Why blog as an administrator? – Wrap-up (Via Dangerously Irrelevant.) This final post on the topic includes links to all the others and a printable four-page pdf version that “contains the text and hyperlinks from the weeklong series.”