AB 75 Administrators on Blogs and the Read/Write Web

Today I’m with a large cohort of relatively tech savvy administrators. We’re discussing blogs and the read write web. I asked these questions… here are their responses.

 What is a blog?

A web based conversation area. (This woman blogs with her college aged children… since she can’t see them: “if they need money, they blog.”)

 It’s like you’re own private publishing company… you can write articles adn research ideas that other people can respond to.

(I told you they’re tech savvy!)

What is the read/write web?

(They are shaking their heads right now.)

You can post something on a wiki, and other people can make changes… enhancements.

What does this mean for your students?

They can create their own web sites… with partners and groups. They can post pictures and videos… it’s distance learning, with collaboration… even internationally.


So… I’ve got it easy today ;)