A Third NECC Presenation: Wikis (BYOL)

It turns out I’ll be leading a third workshop at NECC. The original presenters backed out and I’ll be taking over Easy and Free Online Collaboration: Create your own wikis, a Bring Your Own Laptop (BYOL) session at 11am on Tuesday in GWCC B302.

As I post this I haven’t edited the description and presenter info. Given the short (1 hour) session I’ll probably focus on a few specific tools instead of the broad spectrum currently described. I’m planning to cover wikispaces.com (and a bit of Google Docs just to let participants know the important differences, the advantages of each, and how they can be used together). The original presenters were going to also showcase integrating gabcast.com into a wiki, and I’ll consider that also.

Apparently the original presenters were going to lead the session as a team and that gave me a good idea… I plan on leading the whole thing (I have plenty of material to share), but because it’s a (short) hands-on BYOL session, it might be nice to have a facilitator there to help participants with their individual issues. And… instead of teaming up with one of the usual suspects from Southern California – or even one of my usual out-of-state colleagues, I thought it might be cool to post this here and see if there is anyone reading who will be at NECC who might want to team up with me.

I’d still lead the session, but we could work together helping the participants. I’ll introduce you, give you recognition, and even add you to the session description. Let me know if you are interested… and let me know your experience with wikis (and wikispaces.com in particular if applicable) and with this sort of facilitation. Personally, I’m hoping for a fun serendipitous partnership with someone I haven’t worked with before – and probably never would work with if it weren’t for blogging. Interested?