A Social Learning Aggregator (& Learning Studios)

I’ve made the first post on a new blog titled “What Do You Want To Learn?” The blog is an effort to aggregate resources and empower learners. It is also a place to explore the concepts of a social learning aggregator, and a physical learning studio.

Here’s a key excerpt from the first post:

In short, leaners no longer need schools for access to information. They no longer need schools to provide a network of people to learn from – and learn with. They no longer need schools to provide quality curriculum. However, they do need new tools (and mentors) to help them aggregate the open educational resources and distributed learning opportunities now available to them. And, they do need places to go where they can meet peers and mentors face-to-face… human spaces conducive to learning and creating… spaces where they can share their excitement, where they can participate in physical pursuits (such as dancing or building anything), and where they can build a sense of local community.

Feedback is appreciated, here or at the original post: