A Google Group for Walden Ed Tech

I’ve created an online community for students, faculty, and alumni of Walden University’s educational technology programs.

I took a crack at this using Yahoo groups back in 2005. Fifty-eight folks at the Bloomington residency joined… but it fizzled quickly. It seems to me there would still be some value in something like this, though. For example, I recently wanted to ping Walden folks about potential speaking gigs and realized there was no place I could do that. And when I think of all the amazing people I met over the years at Walden (the students and the faculty), I can’t believe they’re not all connected somewhere. So, I’m giving it another shot.

If you are affiliated with Walden’s educational technology programs in anyway, I hope you will join. I also hope you will pass it on. Naturally, I hope you point me in the direction of any existing groups as well.

I chose a Google Group instead of a Ning for two reasons, which may seem somewhat contradictory. First, I wanted to keep it simple. Second, I wanted to be able to take advantage of new features that are rumored to be in store for Google Groups.

At this point, the group is up and running and anyone can request membership by visiting: http://groups.google.com/group/walden-edtech

If any Walden Educational Technology faculty would be interested, I’d love to add you as managers. Just let me know when you send your request. ;)

If you know anyone involved with Walden’s Educational Technology programs, please pass this on to them.