777 unread items in my aggregator…

Yes, it’s been a particularly trying week at work and at home. I barely put four hours into writing my next paper… and since Wednesday I have barely read my feeds. I clicked through a few here and there, but tonight I sat down to 777 unread items. (Strangely, I also happened to glance at my dock a few days ago and notice 666 unread items!)

So, I’m getting caught up on some reading tonight, you should see some activity over at my FURL account, and I expect to be blogging more this week.

UPDATE: 2 hours and 14 FURLs later, I’m down to 227 unread items. It felt great to get caught up, but it feels even better to limit the time spent on this… and actually go to bed at a decent hour.

UPDATE 02/06/06: Thanks to Monday meetings I’ve finally got down to zero unread items! Woo hoo! Now I’m back in the flow… and I hope to be blogging tonight, personal life permitting. :)

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