21st Century Skills for Teachers: A Graduate Level Class

Hello, learning network. I’ve been working on the early stages of designing a graduate level class that introduces teachers to the concept of 21st century skills and how to help students develop them. This evening I’ve completed the “design document” and I’ve decided to share it here in hopes of receiving feedback from some of you: 21st Cent Literacy Design Document

While I was working on it, I pushed a couple of questions out on twitter and thought I would also aggregate those here so that others can respond later:

  • What’s your favorite information literacy framework besides the Big 6?
  • Do any of you teach “risk taking”? If so, how do you approach it? Any frameworks? Or personal lessons learned?

I’d also like to add a few others. I’d be stoked if any one of these catches your interest enough to inspire a comment:

  • What is your favorite framework for 21st century skills and why? (I’m especially interested if it’s not enGauge or the Partnership for 21st Century Skills.)
  • What multimedia skills do you consider critical? (And if you teach graphic design at all, what framework do you use?)
  • What are your favorite digital storytelling resources? (And do you have a favorite digital storytelling framework or philosophy?)
  • If I could only share 1 site to communicate how the read/write web changes education, what would it be?

And these last two may be the most important – and most difficult:

  • What metrics or evaluation tools do you use to assess 21st century skills?
  • What organizational changes have happened to make this possible for you? (Or, what organizational changes need to happen to make this possible for you?)

As always, I hope this might make interesting reading for some of you, and that others might be able to find this post in a time of need when it might help. Meanwhile, I thank you in advance for any feedback you might leave for me as I continue working on this course.