2005 Education Arcade Conference

I attended the “Spark Session” from 5 to 7 this evening at the LA Convention Center. The preparations for E3 are already looking spectacularly impressive, and I can’t believe the variety of amazing educational technologists I met in less than two hours at the EducationArcade.org pre-conference opening event… Researchers, developers, consultants, etc. Within ten minutes of walking into a room full of people I didn’t know I had enjoyed two conversations about MMORPGs in education! (After talking to only 3 people!) By the end of the night I’d run out of business cards and come home with a pocket full of contacts – and potential Delphi panel members. It is an amazing thing to be (from time to time) surrounded by like minded people who are experts in the things you are interested in.

I hope I find the time to blog more about this conference than I did about the CUE conference in March or about my residency in April. But, for tonight, I am tired and I need to get to work early to set up for the district technology leaders meeting at the OCDE. Right now I can’t believe I need to be there, and I can’t wait to blow out of there at 11:30 to get back to the most important event related to my research for the next year! At least my colleagues from the N-MUSD are ditching the meeting to be at the conference and will record the AM sessions (with iPod and iTalk) for me. ;)

Even if I don’t get to blog as the week progresses, I will be able to post my final for the quarter in two weeks, and this will include material from the conference. I start my KAMs in three weeks… and my dissertation is right around the corner!



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