100,000 Wikis in the Classroom

100,000 Wikis in the Classroom (Via Wikispaces Blog.) Adam, Dom, and James at Wikispaces have been very supportive of educators over the past year. In January they began to offer free (and add-free) wikis to teachers, and now they are setting the goal of giving away 100,000 wikis to teachers! They’ve already given away over 10,000. (If fact, you can follow their progress on the new widgit in my right-hand sidebar.) If you are a wiki using educator (or a professional developer) check this out and spread the word.

Full disclosure: As with anything I’ve posted on this blog, I’m receiving no compensation for this… but Adam Frey did IM me to tip me off to this program. :) I’ve found him to be very supportive, and very excited about the ways educators (like my colleague Dave Conlay) are using wikis.