Top 10 student blog posts

Top 10 student blog posts (Via Mark’s edtechblog.) At the edblogger meet up on Thursday night Will Richardson said something about the importance of collecting best practices that has stuck with me. So I am passing on this post from 3rd Grade teacher Mark Ahlness:

I thought I’d offer the Top Ten Posts from my students this year. They are not all great pieces of writing, but they are meaningful and important for the authors and their teacher.

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  1. You should have passed on what your friend said about the importance of collecting best practices! At any rate, I visited Mark’s page and found his students’ posts to be wonderfully entertaining. Thanks for the link!

  2. Will was saying that he didn’t want his blog to become about where he went and what he was doing. He wanted it to stay grounded in educational practices. He also noted that there wasn’t really anyone collecting best practices (with the read/write web) online anywhere. I thnk he’s in a good position to do this using his blog, and I’ve also suggested a wiki for sharing teacher and student blogs by grade level or subject area. I would definitely contribute the examples I find… and I think it would be a valuable tool when training others… as a model.


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