Link: PALM Foleo

PALM Foleo (Via ::: The EdTech Advantage :::.) I saw Rolly Maiquez’s post on this first yesterday. It caught my eye because of my past involvement with handheld one-to-one initiatives and my current (new) involvement with a laptop one-to-one. Palm, Inc. is selling a laptop-like keyboard and display… as an accessory for Palm handhelds. If you watch the intro video by the president, I think he’s right. Our devices will primarily get smaller and more powerful. Soon your primary computer will be as small as your phone or smaller… and you’ll want a portable keyboard and display from time to time. Here’s a direct link: Palm, Inc. – Products – Foleo.

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  1. Didn’t most people that purchased a smart phone do it so they wouldn’t have to lug around a laptop? I understand that it’s smaller than one, but with a $599 price tag before the rebate why not just purchase a laptop and get a lot more power in a little bit bigger size? Cell phones are easy to link to laptops to use for Internet access.

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