Maui 2.0: New Literacies and Learning Networks

I want to welcome attendees at the 2008 CLMS Literacy and Learning Summer Institute to this blog! You can find the resources related to our morning bonus sessions at and you can find additional resources from Warren Dale at

For folks who are not with us in Maui, you are invited to leave a comment answering the question below. This is an opportunity to effect the learning of middle school and high school teachers of the year from across the state of California.

What sorts of new literacies (and learning networks) do educators need to develop in order to best serve their students?

4 Responses to “Maui 2.0: New Literacies and Learning Networks”

  1. Cheryl Oakes Says:

    Hello to all you teachers in Maui! The new literacies that we need to develop are those that will engage our students, like some of the things they are using outside of the classroom, webpage development, texting like crazy to their peers and multimedia. We don’t need to eliminate all the old we are using, but we need to offer some content in new ways. Technology allows us to offer differentiation by choice. If we deliver by lecture, and add a podcast, audio, or a media presentation, visual, or allow our students a way to create something new about their learning, we have provided choice. In best practice we know that student choice allows for and sets the foundation for deeper and more personal learning.
    Good luck from Cheryl Oakes, Maine

  2. David Jakes Says:

    Mark: I really like the new literacy standards developed by the National Council of Teachers of English. They are directed at students but it obviously makes sense that teachers should understand those competencies if they are expected to create learning environments that help students attain those. These can be found at:

    I also really like the work of Henry Jenkins that is contained in this document:

    This contains a great list of skills that students should be able to demonstrate to be digitally literate.

    Good luck with your sessions!


  3. Beth Duncan, CLMS Says:

    Here is my teacher blog! ;-)

    Beth Duncan
    Vista Unified School District

  4. Mark Wagner Says:

    Thanks for the comments, Cheryl and David. It made a real impact on these folks to see responses when I had only posted this in the middle of the night before their session. :)