It Really Is Really Simple (CUE Submission)

This is the last of he Read/Write web submissions I made to CUE this year… and it’s the only one that is a repeat of something I offered last year. As always, of course, the workshop is continually updated. But in general I feel last year there were only a few people ready for RSS – this year I expect there will be far more. And while I think there will be a profusion of blogging workshops, I don’t yet expect very many RSS workshops. So, here it is… I’d be interested to know what any of you think of it. Is there an Application of RSS I’m missing? Or do you have a different perspective on the topic at all? Let me know in the comments.


It Really Is Really Simple: An Introduction to RSS in Education


Use Real Simple Syndication (RSS) to subscribe to blogs, podcasts, and other “feeds”
so the content comes to you. RSS can help manage student blogs and your own
professional development.


It Really Is Really Simple.pdf

UPDATE: The link above has been fixed.

UPDATE 2: Here’s a link to the It Really Is Really Simple wiki I created for the workshop last year. It needs to be updated of course. :)

4 Responses to “It Really Is Really Simple (CUE Submission)”

  1. Andy Mee Says:

    The PDF link is broken

  2. Mark Wagner Says:

    Arg. I miss named the file. Thanks for the quick heads-up, Andy.

  3. Stephen Downes Says:

    Wouldn’t it be better if you put the abstract in the post and gave us a link to the whole paper?

  4. Mark Wagner Says:

    It would be better, unfortunately there is no whole paper yet. :)

    Here’s the link to the wiki I created for last year’s presentation… it will have to be updated of course:

    I’ll add this to the post, too. Thanks, as always, for your feedback.


    PS. As to why I linked to the pdf instead of putting the abstract in the post… I wondered why I was doing that, too, honestly. But for some reason the sessions I posted as rtf documents last year gathered more hits than hardly any other item on my site. I don’t know if people are downloading them to use them… or if it would’ve just been easier inline with the post anyway. Also, I was also playing with Pages ’08 for the first time when I made these new posts and it was fun to get my template working and looking nice. Sometimes I try to keep my posts from being too long, too. I suppose as a reader I might’ve preferred the abstracts in the post myself, though. Anyway, thanks again.