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    Category/Subcategory Concurrent Session -- Lecture

General Information

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    Session Title Specialized Google Research Tools That Are Powerful, Easy, and Free
    Session Description Help educators and students access relevant information, locate timely research, and share resources. Learn powerful features of Google Books, Scholar, News, Blogsearch, Alerts and more.
    Theme and Strand Digital-Age Teaching & Learning:Literacies for the Information/Creativity Age
    Keywords information literacy, research, google, edtechteam
    Primary URL
    Exhibitor Status
    Commercial Content
    Recording Preference recordable
    Audience Focus Primary Technology Coordinators/Facilitators
    Audience Focus Secondary Teachers
    Audience Grade Level PK-12
    Audience Skill Level Beginner
    Prerequisite Skills
    Platform Alerts
    NETS•S 2, 3
    NETS•T 3
    NETS•A 2
    Strategic Objectives Provide leadership

Equipment Information

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    Whiteboard Request No whiteboard needed
    Whiteboard Other
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Proposal Summary

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    Purpose & Objectives Participants will...

Develop their own research and information fluency, and be able to share what they learn with their colleagues and students.
Learn new tools they can use to locate, analyze, evaluate, and use information resources to support research and learning.
Be able to use Google search options to locate the latest results, the results timeline, and the “wonder wheel” for visually displaying related searches.
Be able to search Google Books, save books to “My Library”, and share books with their colleagues and students
Be able to search Google Scholar and use the “Cited By” feature to find additional relevant (and more timely) research.
Be able to search Google News for current events - and be able to use Google News as a starting point for discussions about information literacy, including bias, agenda, and authority in a text.
Be able to search Google Blogsearch for a wider variety of timely opinions.
Be able to setup Google Alerts to provide themselves with a “virtual research assistant” to deliver new resources to them on a daily basis.

    Outline Google Books makes the full text of the worlds greatest libraries searchable from any computer - and makes it possible to share relevant books with colleagues or students. Google Scholar provides meaningful access to scholarly research over time. Google News aggregates and filters thousands of news sources so the important information rises to the top, and Google Blogsearch helps make sense of the social web as it happens. This session focuses on the best strategies to put these tools (and others) to use in support of educators and students, including stragies for Professional Learning Communities (PLCs), Inquiry-Driven Learning, and Project Based Learning... as well as other more traditional applications, such as research papers. Online resources for the session include links to each tool, real-world examples, and screencasts illustrating key elements of the session for later reference.


Web Search
Search Features
Web Search Support
Search Options
Don't miss Latest, Wonderwheel, and Timeline!

Advanced Search
Don't miss File Type and Usage Rights.
Don't forget to learn the Google Operators like Define: and others.
Don't miss the Seach Features.
Complementary Tools
Creative Commons & Search

Book Search
Support including the History of Google Books and much more!
Search My Library
How to Access Full-Text Books (See also the new "Full View" option in the new left-side options!)
Download PDFs and Now Clips! Example: The Tragedie of Hamlet
Check out the 3D viewing option! (But, um, you need 3D glasses.)
Google has reached a groundbreaking agreement with authors and publishers.
My Library has custom bookshelves with public and private options. Learn more.
Even More...

Scholar Search
Don't miss the "cited by" feature!
New: Scholar Alerts!

News Search
About The Updates to Google News
Don't miss the Google News Archives! (Demo Video)
See also News Timeline and InQuotes from Google Labs.

Blog Search
Google Alerts

Multimedia Search (Time Permitting)
Image Search Support (See also Image Swirl, the new image search feature similar to Wonderwheel.)
Video Search Support (See also Audio Indexing from Google Labs)
More Search Tools for Educators
Google Squared: A new way to display search results

Language Search Tools (Time Permitting)
Tip: Enter your school's website to translate the site into Spanish... and then post a link to the translation on your site!

Custom Search Engine (Time Permitting)
Mrs. Gray's Research for Kids
Directing Learning with Google Custom Search by November Learning (PDF)
Screencast for Creating a Custom Search Engine
Even More...

    Supporting Research The ISTE NETS for Students, Teachers, and Administrators support the importance of the session topic:

Other frameworks for 21st Century skills also call for proficiency in the tools and strategies discussed: &

The success of the Google Teacher Academy and CUE's Google Workshops for Educators illustrate the positive reception when educators are exposed to these tools and strategies: &

    Presenter Background Formerly a high school English teacher, Dr. Wagner has served as an educational technology coordinator at the site, district, and county levels. He is now the president of EdTechTeam, Inc., which provides professional development and consulting services to schools, districts, and other educational institutions. In this capacity, he is the CUEtoYOU professional development coordinator for Computer Using Educators (CUE). He is also a Google Certified Teacher and director of the Google Teacher Academy. He has a Ph.D. in Educational Technology and a masters degree in Cross-Cultural Education. More:

This particular workshop has been successfully delivered to educators across the US and Canada - and at the Google Teacher Academy in London, England.


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