iPad in Education Workshop Resources from ISTE 2010

As promised to many on the waiting lists, we’re posting the iPad in Education workshop resources here at CUE.org. While this is no substitute for being in the room as Steve Dembo (or Robert Craven) leads the session in person, here are the workshop outlines and resources:

iPad in Education Workshop

Feel free to play along with the “Share Your Favorite Apps” activity. :)

If you’d like to register for an iPad in Education workshop yourself, you can see what’s currently open for registration from CUE. Or, if you’d like to bring the iPad in Education workshop to your own site, district, or region, you can request the workshop via the CUEtoYOU professional development program.

3 Replies to “iPad in Education Workshop Resources from ISTE 2010”

  1. Hi Mark,
    Just wanted to give you a heads up. Your likn “iPad In Education Workshop” appears to be broken. The “Share Your Favoirte Apps” is working just fine.

    I bought an iPad in Colorado before heading home from ISTE10. Loving it.

  2. Hi Mark,

    From those of us who could not make it to the giant ISTE conference in Denver, thank you for the info & updates. I followed hashtags to learn what I was missing and found over 1800 tweeples contributing live from the event! Because of all the incredible info I found just through following participants, I have decided to attend the remarkable ISTE conference in Philadelphia next year. :)

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