FBI Publications – A Parent’s Guide to Internet Safety

FBI Publications – A Parent’s Guide to Internet Safety I don’t know how I haven’t come across this before, but this is the FBI’s “A Parent’s Guide to Internet Safety.” It’s not terribly in-depth, but its certainly got high marks for authority of the source. This resource will now be a part of my internet safety presentations.

On another note, I only had 250 items in my feed reader today. :)

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  1. Sabine Says:

    Check out “The Internet and Your Kids: Healthy Habits for a Safe Online Home” by Brian and Julie Dixon at http://www.healthyhabitspreview.com/
    The commercial site errs a little too much on the “…but wait there is more…” type of sale strategy for my taste, but the DVD is of good quality and has gotten great reviews. Brian is currently in his 3rd year of doctoral degree in educational technology.

  2. Sabine Says:

    I just came upon yet another article on online safety. This time, it was “A Warning About Online Socializing” in the Kids Health’s volume 13, number 2 Fall 2006 issue of the Children’s Hospital of Orange County and CHOC at Mission. The article came out after the meeting of CHOC pediatrician Maria Tupas, M.D., with a NetSmartz representative. I could not find an URL for it, so if you want a hard copy, let me know and I’ll forward one to you.

    This article makes general statements and talks about cyberbullies and online rules. It also provides 10 online safety tips. It identifies NetSmartz.org as the source of information. NetSmartz is an interactive, educational safety resource for children, teens, parents, educators and law enforcement. It was created by the National Canter for Missing and Exploited Children, and Boys and Girls Clubs of America.

    Having kids of my own, I find it reassuring that pediatricians are considering the online environment as an influencial lived environment with direct effects & affects on our kids’ lives, as exercise, food, and family dynamics do.