Geeking Out: SMS and IM for Mobile Phones

I’ve been geeking out on my Treo again lately… thanks in part to Jenith and Lainie out-geeking me with their Treos on Friday night, but mostly because I just bought Eva a T-Mobile Wing for her birthday. She’s got always-on AIM on there, so I decided to set it up on my phone too. Along the way I found this cool way to send email as an SMS to a mobile phone.

Incidentally, in the end I settled on the (trial) version if IM+ for my mobile AIM needs. I may pay for it soon. Anyone else have any suggestions?

In any case, I love that I can finally IM Eva from my desk to her phone! And it’s equally cool that I can finally get IMs when away from my computer. :D

3 Replies to “Geeking Out: SMS and IM for Mobile Phones”

  1. I’ve used Mundu on my palm lifedrive. ( ). It looks like it’s cheaper than IM+. I never did pay for it though because I don’t use it often enough and then I got an EnV from Verizon. My cell phone plan is so old that I have unlimited text messages so I just use IM on there and don’t have to pay anything extra. Mundu has a 5 day free trial. You might want to try it out when your other trial period is over and see which you like better.

  2. Thanks, J.D. I’m still happily using IM+ and haven’t had to pay… yet. It does seem to have made my phone considerably less stable, though. I’ve had a lot more restarts lately. Of course, that could be the new bluetooth headset, too.


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